Life in the fog

ThJenny Wood artat’s 3 times in two days I’ve been asked ‘where is your blog post?’. Oops I’ve been very slack. So here are some news flashes.

Too much information?

2 weeks ago, I said to the MOTH, see if you can find the tumour. I swear it’s not big enough to feel anymore.

MOTH: “I can feel something there”

Me: “That’s my rib. There’s one just like it on the other side”.

I know that’s too much information but try not to visualise the scenario and you’ll be fine. The point is… IT’S SHRINKING!

It’s such a risk doing a clinical trial. Having chemo first and surgery 2nd means I didn’t ‘get that thing outa there’ which is the first impulse. This Tuesday will be the last of cycle two. As you know, I have 3 weekly infusions of chemo and a one week break so after this week it’s break time woo hoo! Apparently my blood count is still normal so hooray for the ridiculous amount of supplements I’m taking. They are a meal all in themselves. All I need to do is pour milk on them and eat them for breakfast.

Life in the fog

Somehow I’m still running around the athletics track (9 times non-stop last week), going to gym and pilates as well as socialising to the maximum. I have had 3 weeks without a free day and most nights out as well. I know it’s too much but I take little naps during the day so don’t start growling at me y’all.

I am not getting much sleep for the first time in my life with the HRT being brutally taken away (BOO!) and the cortisone which comes with the chemo. I suddenly fell into fog land on Thursday. My brain went to mush and now I am having to write lists for basic things such as… sending a card, phoning people etc. Yeesh. I’ve gone from ‘Mrs Organised’ to ‘Mrs Mush’. Soon I’ll need a note to remind me the dogs name.

Here lies the biggest problem. The MOTH, who has never worn a watch, doesn’t have a mobile phone and has never kept a diary, has always relied on me to do the organising. ‘Where are we going tonight?’, ‘Who with?’, ‘What time?’.

What will happen to us?

I’m afraid.

Baldness trivia

Do you know, that when you have very little hair and it’s about 1mm long, it sticks to your pillow like velcro? When I try to roll over I wrench my neck and it ends up sore the next morning. I know it’s odd but if you haven’t worked it out yet… I’m odd.

 Mothers day classic run

Tonight I’m going out for dinner and then getting up at 5am to run the Mothers day classic. Our team has raised over $2000 and almost 3 including individual amounts. I thank you all from my heart for the donations. The clinical trial I am currently on wouldn’t exist without donations such as yours. If you see me on the TV, I’ll be the one with the spotty bald head running through a cloud of fog. Our team fundraiser link 


  1. Jen please don’t drive when you have the “fog”. I found I lost concentration and decided that I wouldn’t drive while I had it. Usually lasted the first week of the three week cycle.


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