A little clarification

My apologies for yesterdays blog post. It’s a little garbled and in my usual black humoured way, I’ve focussed on it being funny instead of informative. That’s meant many people are very confused and I’m attempting to sort out your confusion! I know you all think activity is normal for my head but apparently it’s not!

If you subscribe to my blog by email, you only get the first version so any edits I do later on are missed. It might be worth you reading this via the blog so that if I alter it you will get the ‘better version’.  https://dishmoptop.com/

A BONE scan is a scan they use in oncology to look for cancer in the bone. They inject a ‘tracer’ into your veins which highlights any cancer activity in the bone. I’ve had 5 of these in the past 18 months now so they are also able to compare previous scans.

In this recent scan they discovered ‘activity’ in the skull. By ‘activity’ they mean that this area has been highlighted by the scan and there is an ‘uptake’ by the tracer. In my case it’s across the front of the skull towards the top of the BONE… not the BRAIN.

Normally they would then compare it to the CT scan to see if there is damage to the bone or surrounding areas. The only place the full body CT scan I had doesn’t examine is the head! Typical. So I am having my head scanned on the 28th and will get the results on Jan 4th.

She would prefer to do an MRI scan which will tell us more but I have this (stupid) tissue expander in my breast which has a metal port in it. She said she might push for me to have my reconstruction soon so that they can take it out. Sigh. I feel like just ripping it out but that would be gory.

If the CT scan is clear, at the very least I will need to revert to more frequent appointments with the oncologist so they can keep an eye on me. My situation will be discussed at the Maroondah specialist forum next week where they talk about ‘difficult cases’.

So when asked what it means, the oncologist smiled sympathetically and said ‘we don’t know’. That’s not a good answer. I hate the unknown more than the known… even if it’s bad.

So basically… on Jan 4th I’ll find out if the news is BAD or I’ll find out nothing… which means they have to do more tests and wait and see. So there is no actual ‘good news’. Just another QUESTION MARK. Yeesh. I have so many ???s going on right now.

I do have other symptoms going on but I have attributed them to the fatigue, and that may still be the case. I have ‘eye floaties’, inability to concentrate etc. I have always read 1-2 books a week but I am not able to concentrate on even a page. This may well be due to the sleepiness. I’m not TIRED or EXHAUSTED… just sleepy!

As you know, once cancer leaves the breast area it’s considered untreatable so this is something I would like to be free of! So please keep your prayers up I really appreciate them. I read and love all of your comments and well wishes so don’t think I don’t. I have plenty to occupy myself right now so that will distract me nicely and thank God the oncologist has pushed my appointments early!


  1. Jenny,

    Sending you lots of love & blessings. Wishing you the most wonderful Xmas with your family & loved ones.

    Will be thinking of you on 4 Jan, when you get your results back. I have fingers , toes & everything else crossed for you.

    Much love, D


  2. Dear Jenny. Am praying for good results as I know the devastation of bad ones. My granddaughter has cancer of the tongue, is in hospital now as can’t even swollow


  3. Our dearest, gorgeous, amazingly talented friend. You’re so resilient and true, you will be fantastic!
    We are sending you some wipes, titanium and the largest scoop in the universe. Wipes to wipe away your fear and worries, titanium to add to your strength and a scoop to scoop up and wrap you in the love and light we send you. Xxx love letty n Chantal xxx


  4. Finally got to read this uninterrupted and try to understand all you’ve had to absorb. I’m hoping your tiredness is just all the crappy toxins leaving your body! Glad you have a little army of medical people fighting for you, and can’t wait for you to be down in my neck of the woods, and we can have a play date


  5. Just read your blog Jen….I get it now!!
    It breaks my heart that you have to go through all this .
    Would love to catch up and have a chat and pick your brain about art . I know I’ve been saying that for a while and am starting to sound like a stalker! I was complaining to Sue about it she said when she gets back from holidays she will organize something …. Sounds like your very tired at the moment and it could be a bad time for you.
    My prayers are with you Jen , I love your work
    and hope to see you soon xxx


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