Update on tests

Firstly, let me wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas. We at the Wood Hood are very excited to announce that we have bought a block (with an old house on it) which we will be building on in 2016. It’s 400m from the beach and about the same distance in the opposite direction from a golf course. Sigh. That is like a dream come true.

Now I have a garbled update on my health for you…

The mystery of the fatigue continues and because the GP had saturated all of his dance card of tests, he sent me back to my oncologist. The difference with general tiredness and fatigue is that I feel like I have jetlag 24/7. I sleep 2 to 3 hours in the afternoon and then get a solid night sleep of 8-9 hours at night as well. I wake up feeling sleepy in the morning. I don’t lack energy as such but I can’t concentrate or organise things like I usually can because I’m in that sleepy fog!

The oncologist ordered blood tests, full body CT scan and a bone scan, which I had last Thursday. More radiation in my veins has given me the warm glow I’ve come to know and love.

Today I got the result (if you can call it that!).

The tumour marker tests were clear, the CT scan is clear but the bone scan is showing activity in the skull bone.  The oncologist said we don’t know what it means (!). She will put my name forward to be discussed (again) at the ‘forum’ of specialists at Maroondah hospital.

The CT scan didn’t include the skull so they can’t see what’s going on which means I have to have a CT scan on the skull to check if the bone activity from the bone scan is cancer. They wanted me to have an MRI but I can’t have one because I have metal in my breast. She may push my reconstruction forward so that I can have the MRI.

So the upshot is that they still don’t know what’s going on but no news is good news. I am blessed in knowing nothing and believing that all is well.

I’m going to have to wait until the new year for more tests. 4 months of this and it’s really no further forward. I know now that my heart, kidneys, lungs and everywhere from the neck down is all ship shape. My brain is questionable but you already knew that.

It seems that I might just be sleeping beauty 🙂

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  1. Hi Jenny……thank you for your info, may you have a peaceful and safe Christmas and a much better 2016, both Caeser and I are thinking of you at this time, give Colin our regards……love, hugs, and lots of laughter coming your way


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