News update from the hospital ward. 

Thanks everyone for your kind support. 11 hours in the operating theatre wacked me a bit but now the vomiting is over and 4 out of 5 drainage tubes are gone I’m on a roll! I even managed to pick up a toilet roll from the floor, walk around the ward and independently shower myself today.

Unfortunately the breast flap transplant is ‘dubious’ in one section so I may need to go back to surgery and have it ‘tidied up’ either tomorrow or Tuesday. The right breast reduction is looking healthy but old lefty isn’t happy. 

Also (sigh) the mole they took off my arm as a side line, was a melanoma so they are going back in for more. It’s my right arm 😳 but it’s ‘just a flesh wound’ to quote the great Monty Python LOL.

Oh and did I tell you that the day before I went into surgery the nurse from my medical clinic called to say I had Rheumatoid arthritis markers in my blood? It’s going to be double checked at a more convenient time. If I were a horse… 


  1. Hang in there, at least your in the right place to get things sorted out. You take care and look after yourself. A gentle hug to you.


  2. Jen
    Hope you get past this quickly, your an amazing lady and I wish I knew you better….. I’m sorry your moving to safety beach would loved to have finally caught up and tapped into all that artistic wisdom you have.
    Keep that forever optimistic chin up.


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