It’s pouring!

You won’t believe it, or maybe you will. My reconstruction surgery is booked in for the 9th of March and we are MOVING house on the 18th. That’s one way to make me run in circles. I feel like I’ve been doing that for 2 years now. Enough is enough. Does anyone want to throw any more fun at me???

I am still dreadfully drowsy but I’m trying different strategies to overcome it. Packing boxes flat out all day means I don’t go to bed until 10pm. That’s one method. The other is diet but I won’t bore you with that. Because the CT scan showed nothing, the bone scan showed something in the skull and I still have symptoms, they have moved my reconstruction to an earlier date. That way they can remove the metal in the tissue expander so I can have an MRI. They plan to cut up my stomach and make a breast from it and reduce my ‘good breast’ and lift it to match the new one. Cripes. I will be like a 15 year old… give or take a wrinkle or 3. New stomach and 2 new girls!

No driving, lifting etc for 6-8 weeks afterwards. Eek. That’s going to be interesting. Could everybody come over so I can boss them about?

Just to explain, we are moving in with Sophie and Jarrod while our house is being built. We have already taken most of our ‘stuff’ over to Glen Waverley so the process is happening. Sophie only moved out 6 months ago. So much for empty nesters! At the same time, we are finalising the new house being built at Safety beach. I’m so excited about that I’m beside myself.

I promise with my whole heart, that as soon as I can I am going to catch up with people for a farewell coffee or dinner. It may not be until May but it will happen… just NOT NOW.

My wonderful friends are coming to clean the house when I get out of  hospital so that it is ready for settlement day. It was all a plot to get them to do my cleaning and it worked ha ha.


  1. Good luck for the 9th March. Don’t worry it will all work out and it will get fine surgery and moving house. Friends and family will help.

    Hugs to you and take care.


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