My brain is empty

Don’t you love your oncologist when she tells you you have nothing in your brain? Already The MOTH has used that phrase 4 times in 12 hours. 

No news is good news!! So the CT scan showed nothing and I can go back to choosing tiles for the new house. Colin said he will cancel the graveyard plot he was buying. It doesn’t mean it IS nothing unfortunately but it’s a nice breathing space for me/us.


My daughter Sophie and The MOTH came into the appointment with me and quizzed my oncologist. So the plan now is to have my case discussed on Thursday with the ‘team’ and they will decide if I need to have further tests to figure out what the abnormal Bone scan results are about. If I don’t hear from her we will meet up in 3 months and have a tumour marker blood test. If I have other symptoms I have to report back to base earlier.

When we left the room the staff at the breast clinic gave me hugs and kisses. They are such a gorgeous and caring bunch of people. It’s stupid to say I will miss them because I can’t wait to never see them again ha ha.

It’s difficult to shrug the memory of my Mum, who died when she was 54 from a brain tumour, 3 months after getting a CT scan that was clear. But I refuse to have that hanging over me. I’m back to planning and scheming and living life. I don’t plan to spend life on tender hooks waiting for the worst. Especially with all the aches and pains you get at this age but I DO have to get them checked out which is pretty annoying. It seems like there is always a question mark hanging over me (other than… Where am I going to live when we move out of our house which has sold?).

I plan to live my life to the fullest. So don’t ever wonder why I cram so much in… it’s because life has so many opportunities and we never know what’s around the corner do we?

It’s not a tragedy to die… it’s a tragedy to have a life and not live it. 

Thanks for your prayers and concern as always. I’m here to annoy you for a long while yet YAY!


  1. The news is good thankfully and as I am much older than you I can tell you we get lots of strange aches and pains which I try to ignore. Your positive attitude will get you a long way.

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