Update on fatigue

This is a quick update to let you know my test results…

My tests were all clear (yay!) My heart is functioning at 98% of the normal range. (yay) My upper abdominal innards are all excitingly healthy (liver, pancreas, gallbladder, kidneys etc) and my lung is pumping oxygen like a little trouper. Now we have the ‘well what is going on then?’ question. So I see the oncologist on the 23rd Nov and she will do tumour marker tests to see if there are signs of tumour growth (blood test) but I’m sure there is nothing sneaky going on. That’s my final word over my body.

If that’s all clear I’ll try looking at diet etc but I mainly eat Paleo so it’s not like my diet is BAD. It may be that I have a sensitivity. I don’t know. I’m grasping at straws. Sleeping 12 out of 24 hours is just plain annoying.

My GP said my fatigue is too chronic for it to be something minor like ‘over doing it’ or ‘diet’, given that he has checked thyroid, iron etc.

… back to getting the house ready for ‘open for inspection’ today. Stay tuned and thanks for your lovely comments I’m sure it’s all sounding quite boring by now and I’m blessed to have such lovely people sticking around to hear my sagas!



  1. Jenny that is great news that your organs are all working well. Its amazing when you think about what you have ben through. Fabulous and wonderful news. Also mysterious though….that you are still fatigued.. I hope that you get some explanation about the fatigue soon or even better that you just keep feeling better and the fatigue stops. xx


  2. Your blogs my friend are far from boring – ever! Glad it’s all functioning as it should. The 12 hour thing is indeed weird though. Hv you tried an iridologist or Kinesiologist?


  3. A lot of great news there. Think on the good Jen. Thinking of you and I have prayed for you and your health and I am sure you are in many other’s prayers too.


  4. Hi Girlfriend, just back from a break in Mildura, Broken hill, Wilcannia etc…..glad to hear of your results so far, maybe your just getting old !!!!!!! or maybe you need more iron, or maybe you need some fish oil !!!!! I’m always tired !!!!!………..let us know the results of that very important test with the oncologist……eat some meat and spinach just a thought !!!!! Rosa


  5. I hope you get to the bottom of it and will feel better soon. It seems like after cancer and all the treatments for it you would be tired, but then what do I know? I hope all the tests come back normal!


  6. Great to hear your Innards are doing well. You’ve been through an awful lot and then the big trip. Hopefully your overtired and it will all level itself out eventually. Lots of love. XX


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