Quick news flash!

What we thought was bursitis in the left hip is a torn tendon. I’ll have to stop playing so much footy. Such a saga. Today I had a cortisone shot in it so that should sort me out. As for the right hip I’ll have to wait until the 26th of May to find out.  That will also be fly to Europe day!  Whee! 


  1. That’s good news so far. Amazing with all that you have been doing. You are a bit if a whirlwind Jenny. Have you been doing artistic painting while the painters are there!!! 🙂 xxx


  2. Oh dear Jen, be careful…I have had both my hips done over torn tendons they attach the tendon back with two pins, your probably best to have some medication as in voltaren, I don’t know that much, but the recovery for torn tendons can take some weeks, hope it all goes well….xx


  3. So how did you tear the tendon? Not at Body Balance?.? Hope it is feeling better now. Your overseas trip is getting closer now…..so happy for you. I am sure it will be lots of fun.


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