The circus they call ‘home’

Here I am mostly intact. We have moved in with Sophie and Jarrod in Glen Waverley and our dogs only fight every 3.5 seconds now so things are improving. It’s like a circus here but we don’t have to buy tickets so that makes it kind of cool.

Screenshot 22:03:2016, 2:03 PM.jpeg

We have successfully settled our sold house and our purchased house at Safety Beach is ready to be demolished. We are hoping to have a little holiday in it before that happens but that depends…


I hesitate to tell you what’s going on medically because I don’t want my breast cancer followers to lose hope for breast reconstruction. However, here is the long and short of it…

diep flap

New flat belly complete with belly button repositioning. Sutures keep going around the corner!

Here I am with a stomach wound which looks like someone took to my waist with a can opener, various scars from the tape (everywhere), bruising from various injections and lines, a right breast which has had a reduction and looking pretty fine, a left breast which is ‘mostly’ fine BUT part of the DIEP flap reconstruction has lost circulation and ‘died’. So I have a black hole the size of two 50c pieces on the inner part of my left ‘breast’. It is a big bad angry looking mamma. No photos provided. I don’t want to scare you.

10155433_10153574376714506_2489141779332434782_nOh… not to mention a 7cm scar on my arm from the incidental melanoma. 

What now? They decided that this section of the flap is definitely ‘dead’ on Monday so I need to go back into surgery to have ‘something’ done about it. The melanoma also needs to have more taken from it so they will do both at once. The surgeon will decide when and what tomorrow morning (Wednesday 23rd March 2016).

I’m off all pain killers now so I should be heading onward and upward… if only I didn’t have to go back in and get it done again. I appreciate  your prayers and concerns. Soon this will be over and we can just stop and watch the dog circus while sipping camomile tea and wondering where on Earth all those things we packed into storage for 12 months are. My car will be released from it’s holding bay where The MOTH put it so I can’t drive. Meanie. 



  1. Bless everything about you and what you are going through, my thoughts are with you. You sound like one strong lady and are an inspiration for others.


  2. Wow Jenny I remember some of those things!! Flat tummy a bonus however it’s a pain there was a bit that lost connection:(
    Your writing has such a great style and sense of humour comes through . Be assured though I think of you often and pray for your when I do. So peace on and over you my friend and may your healing be accelerated ! All the rogue bits scooped up and discarded, new healthy cells to multiply and restore those areas. May you know that deep comfort and assurance that God has for you especially at this time for you and the MOTH :)) xxx


  3. Life certainly has been a circus for you lately! ❤️💜💙 Wishing you a quick recovery and praying that you never lose that wonderful sense of humor.😜


  4. Ohhhh my goodness Jenny you need a holiday!! There’s a place in safety beach that may do, thinking of you and the moth….Rosa and Caeser 🙂💐🌻🌺🌸🌼🌷🌹


  5. Guess you wish it was all over!!!! You are so courageous and always positive. May God bless you abundantly and use your experience to encourage others in their walk of faith.


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