Why Dishmoptop?

How did I get to be ‘dishmoptop’?

jenI used to work with a wonderful woman, who had Downs syndrome. She used to say to me: “Jenny, fix your hair, you look like a dishmop!”. Nowadays I get my hair thinned out and layered AND I usually straighten it, so it doesn’t look as dishmopish (is that a word?). If she could only see me now……..she would be so impressed.

I am a full time geek, working as an eLearning consultant in my own business. I’m also an artist http://jennywoodart.com/  or follow my Facebook page on https://www.facebook.com/jennywoodart

I use the Dishmoptop tag for my personal blog but my own name for Instagram, Twitter etc. It’s kind of awkward to tell people my email address using dishmoptop I have to admit!


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