Another story about the shrinking egg.

This morning, after a one week break from treatment, I had the shrinking egg measured prior to my chemo session in the ‘Turban factory’. The Doctor was amazed and excited as she struggled to find it so that she could do the measurements! After only 3 treatments this is very fast shrinkage, especially considering it was a very aggressive tumour. Unfortunately they measure the width rather than the height. Prior to treatment, it was as high as a small egg and now it is a flat marble size. The width today measured as 2cm whereas it was 4cm before. The Dr found it a bit difficult to take the measurements as it is so flat now. I wonder where it will be at next time it’s measured in 4 weeks time. Having only had 3 chemo sessions, that’s pretty exciting yes? Thank God for fast response to prayer for someone who is impatient by nature. It certainly helps me to have faith, hope and a positive outlook.

10287830_10152147511869506_1343794248_oTaking part in the clinical trial means I will need to complete all of the treatment regardless of the outcome. I’m happy to do this because it contributes to research. Besides, it’s not only about shrinking tumours, it’s about killing the little beasties which are floating around in my body looking for a place to land.

The other exciting news is that my blood tests were ‘amazing’ according to the nurses. I heard them raving about them to themselves so I asked if it was my results they were discussing and they said ‘yes, your blood is incredible’. The doctor said I have  a good baseline because I am physically fit and my diet was good. Woo hoo!

So it’s looking like the Fun Run for the breast cancer research on Mother’s day is going ahead at this rate. Our team has raised over $1000 and individuals in our team have also raised money so that’s really awesome and I thank everyone who has supported the run.

You can contribute to our team fund raising here

I ALSO managed to persuade the doctor to give me permission to use the Peninsula Hot Springs. They require a written consent form before they will let me use them. Usually us chemo patients aren’t allowed in spas but the Hot Springs are fee flowing, rather than a hot puddle of germs and chlorine like the usual gym spas. I’m going away for the weekend with my 3 sisters soon so this will be part of our weekend. I’m so excited as it’s the 1st time ever I’ve spent a weekend just with my sisters!

Hairless happenings

I have totally spooked the poor waiter at Lower Deck Cafe with my ‘bald head and baseball cap’ appearance (after sport), wig variations and hat creations. They don’t like to ask but I see the question burning on their lips. What is their question though and who would ask it? I think I’ll keep them guessing.

10154535_10152134565794506_4193136607193693537_nThe same goes for my gym. I did my workout in my criminal cap and then did my ‘wig routine’ in the change rooms. I managed to do the headgear swap in 3.5 seconds while nobody was in there. I feel like a Mrs Doubtfire double with all my appendages. Reading glasses, hearing aides and wigs. It’s all a balancing act.

Hats are an issue with my hearing as they muffle the sound. If I wear hearing aides with a hat they squeal. I sound like a cot case don’t I? Actually I feel great! So glad we can get props for all our failing bits and pieces nowadays:)

I’ve taken to wearing wigs mostly but even then I am not terribly elegant about it…

Thank God for daughters

Last Saturday, while shopping at Eastland, my daughter said ‘MUM… you’re making very un-natural gestures with your wig’. You can always trust a daughter to tell you when you look ridiculous. I realised then that I have a habit of treating the wigs like a hat. I pat the top down if it feels like it’s sticking up, adjust the position of it on my head and pull the back down when it’s creeping up. Sometimes I itch my head under the wig and the arms of my sun glasses tend to go under the wig and around my ears instead of over. So what’s wrong with that?

I’m a class act really.



  1. Ahh Jen…your a gem! Congratulations on the shrinkage..and here’s to the Mothers Day Run…Look out everyone…she’s coming like a steam train!

    Luvin you as always.

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  2. May the good news continue 🙂 Love your positive attitude, and sense of humor, your blogs are inspiring. Going thu low grade bladder cancer issues myself atm. Love to you all, so important to have great support in these times xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Excellent news Jenny You must be counting the days to you go away with your Sisters sounds like a good be had away…..Prayers coming God Bless you and the family lots of love Claire xxxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Well done Jenny. Love the good news about it shrinking. Keep up the good work and good luck on the Mother’s Day run.


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