Bad hair days

I know, I know… I should just be grateful that I have LIFE… and HAIR… but oh dear. This photo is the progression from short fuzz to afro curls and then the hair straightening catastrophe which resulted in it standing on end. Straightening it took my daughter forever and nothing we did would make it settle back down. Even mousse.  So I went back to the curls very quickly by washing it out. I can only laugh. So far I’ve been told I look like a Granny and a baby lamb. I can’t believe how many people rub my hair to see what it feels like. I don’t blame them because I do it myself.

Screenshot 4:05:2015 10:28 pm

Medical news

It’s only 4 weeks until we go to Europe for 8 weeks. I’m getting very excited about it but also apprehensive given that I have a torn tendon in my left hip. It keeps me awake most of the night with the pain but seems fine during the day. Maybe I’ll party 24/7! I am doing as much ‘Body balance’ classes and running as possible as the doctor said weak muscles cause it in the first place and it will help. Next weekend I’m running the Mothers day classic. I ran it last year without stopping and ran it in a good time WHEN I WAS ON CHEMO!! Now… well I don’t think I’ll manage to run the whole 4k as I lost fitness during surgery and radiotherapy. I can manage 2-3km on the treadmill but that’s a lot different to running on the track.

As for my RIGHT hip which has the strange ‘spot’ on it… I told the oncologist that I am going to Europe regardless of what the test says so she suggested I have the test when I return. Ignorance is bliss. So I said ‘Good idea’! I really don’t think it’s anything to worry about as it’s not getting any worse. I suspect it’s just an old war wound.

I’ll post you our itinerary once we get it all organised. I know… we’ve left it awfully late to organise but we weren’t sure if it was even going to happen. Now we are starting to panic. Whee!! I can’t wait.

I’ll return to Aus in time to have reconstructive surgery and we are also putting our house on the market. We just like to add more complexities into an already chaotic world!





  1. Go Jen,

    Bad hair days are part of life for us all, and we love your curls.

    Count down time is here and WE SO WISH WE WERE COUNTING DOWN TOO, BUT that’s not happening for us, so we are going to enjoy your travels and I am sure you will keep us updated on Facebook.

    We are really sad we won’t be part of the fun in Europe, but feel we have made the right decision to stay at home, and as you mentioned add to the chaos of life and move house!!

    See you soon,

    Love Gail & Bob


  2. Hi Jenny, No comment on the hair dooss! Have a great trip what a great time to leave with the weather turning today. Good luck with the house, Ian & I have also put our house on the market. We have been here 22years now so will be sorry to leave, but too big and the pool doesn’t get the use it deserves. We had 1st open last Sat. See Bellarine Property: 9 Acacia Court, Ocean Grove Regards Cynthia & Ian xxx

    Date: Mon, 4 May 2015 12:44:47 +0000 To:


  3. you are doing well Jenny and I trust you have a wonderful time in Europe. You said you were putting your place on the market, what are your plans after that?


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