Breast cancer post #6- One week to chemo!

Screenshot 18:03:14 2:11 PMYou don’t know what to say to me. I don’t know what to say to you. Check mate.  It’s all rather awkward. I’m so blessed to have a sense of humour which I put into action at those silent moments when people struggle to find their words. If they don’t think I’m funny at least I amuse myself.

Yesterday I had the ultimate awkward experience. A guy, who I have met only twice (briefly) totally lost it. I thought he knew I had cancer but soon realised he didn’t. When I told him he became overwrought and took me in his arms and began sobbing into my hair.

It was then I got a whiff of alcohol on his breath.

I attempted to remove him from my personal space but it just didn’t work. My daughter, daughter in law and son’s girlfriend all skulked away (laughing). I was left rubbing his back and telling him it was ok. ‘Have you had a bad experience with cancer?’ I asked? ‘It’s not about ME, it’s about YOU’ he wailed.

OK… so it went on for 5 minutes and I managed to peel myself off him and say ‘it’s time for me to go now’. I walked briskly, with him slung around my shoulders, to where the girls were. The guy was saying ‘You’re poor daughter she must be so upset’ and then hugging and wailing again. I looked up to see  Sophie trying to hide her laughter behind her wallet. The ‘very upset daughter’ and the other 2 girls escaped up the street laughing and left me there. Yeesh. You know who your friends are.

Eventually he told me he loved me and kissed me on the cheek and I bolted up the street like lightening and jumped into the car. It caused hysterical laughter all the way home so it was all worth it… almost.

SO… now I’m equipped to handle any reaction. Bring it on!

Medical news

I had all my tests today and the results will all be analysed and sent to central base. Then my name will be sent to Italy and I will be ‘randomised’ into a group. Then I will be totally random. Yay!

So all going well… I begin chemo next Tuesday, April 1st. Yes April fools day. I’m more than ready for it as it feels like nothing much is happening right now. I’m still feeling calm and positive but have a need to take action as well.

IMG_1513I’ve begun a diet as well as taking supplements which were suggested to me by a pharmacist who went to a conference where the author of ‘Five to thrive’ was speaking. My friend works at the pharmacy and the pharmacist knew about me so she wrote a list especially for me.

So as well as the cancer killing diet, I’m all plumped up with these little babies! It makes me feel like I’m doing something active, other than drinking coffee with friends.

Hairy head

I ‘ve started making hats with matching scarfs out of stretch fabric. I can get a hat and scarf out of 50cm of fabric. Today I cut up an old poncho and made a hat and scarf from it. This will catch on in Paris for sure. My life has been reduced to domestic bliss and hat happiness. I can cook up a mean broccoli sprout in the thermomix.

I’m so blessed to have the chemo in Winter where wearing beanies etc is OK and my head won’t get too hot wearing a wig. I also have some clever family doing some knitting and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

This morning I went armed with Sophie to the wig shop in Ringwood and bought two synthetic ones from the Rachel Welsh range. The MOTH always fancied Rachel so that might add some spark to the marriage! The wigs are surprisingly realistic and I’m almost looking forward to the low maintenance hairdo.

My art expo

SInce Paul has been so lovely and extended my exhibition dates, please go and check out his new business. Have a lovely coffee and lunch at Forest Edge Stone in Kallista, they have extended my art exhibition until May 1st.  Ignore the ‘April the 10th’ end date on the website:


  1. Oh Jen, you make me laugh! What is it about our family? I always seem to pick up random drunken men too and believe me, it’s not the kind of attention I’m ever seeking! haha
    I’m looking forward to seeing your hat/scarfe creations. Everyone will want one.
    I notice you can have between 10 million and 20 billion probiotics per day. Good luck counting them! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think our family laugh in the face of danger for want of a better approach.
      It takes me so long to count the probiotics each morning I need a nanna nap by 10am.
      Hope you had a lovely b’day!
      J xxx


  2. You really have a great talent for writing as well as your art Jenny. I can vividly picture Soph hiding her laughter behind her wallet. All the best for tomorrow or next Tuesday (whichever your first Chemo starts on). Will be thinking of you. Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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