Another funny man story

unnamedOn the weekend I went to Hepburn Springs for a night with one of my three sisters. We talked nonstop while driving there, in the mineral spa bathhouse, out for tea, back at the ‘cottage’, breakfast, shopping and all the way home. I don’t know how all of those words fit into our brains but it is always the way with us sisters. You can only imagine what the four of us sound like when we’re together. It was just what I needed to distract me from my first day of chemo tomorrow. It was an awesome weekend and I loved spending time with my sister. Next time all of us will go away together I hope!

On the Sunday morning we went to Daylesford market, which is where I found another ‘not-so-funny’ man who turned me into yet another circus act.

You can read about my other incident here.

The ‘funny’ man had a stall full of lovely handmade woollen hats. I proceeded to look for ones which I liked the style of, would come down low enough to cover my future bald head and in a colour I liked. However, the guy from the stall, insisted on shoving hats on my head which I didn’t like, were the wrong shape and then claimed that they looked amazing. This persisted for a few minutes and I almost walked off but I really liked the hats so it was not an option. I HAD to buy one.

In the most discrete way possible, I very quietly told him that I will be beginning chemo this week so I needed a particular style of hat. Being a sanguine punnamed (1)ersonality type myself, I understand a fellow sanguine but in this instance I was wishing he was… well… erm… a little more tactful and a little less helpful. He raised his voice for the whole market to hear that each of the next 6 hats he plonked on my head were perfect for someone having chemo. He encouraged other customers to contribute to the discussion. I couldn’t wait to run away but my sister needed a photo so here it is. As you can see, he had no regard for my fringe being in my eye.

Yeesh! What is it with me lately? I seem to be getting into hilarious situations which turn me into a sideshow!






  1. Sorry to make you take a photo Jenny; it was supposed to be candid, I didn’t realise he would want to pose for it! You are a pretty good actor, since no-one else would have known how uncomfortable you were feeling.
    But the hat looks gorgeous…….


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