When you gotta go…….. you gotta go!

1.jpgI went for a ride with my lovely hubby today and did 40k, which is a pretty short trip for us, but I DID do my ‘PB’ for that track (26kph) for the first 10 ks. On the Eastern Freeway bike track there are no loos for my gender. There are plenty for the men…… they are called ‘trees’. The trouble is, 99% of the time I ride with men and if they need to go, they just bolt ahead of me (which isnt too difficult) and the only evidence is the relief on their faces.

During our filming for Elindil’s Secret, we go to locations which are out in the middle of no-where and because the guys out number the women (5 to 1), it isn’t a problem for most of us is it? At the start, some female will say to me “Is there a toilet here?”. Well NO, there isn’t a toilet on top of Mount Zero. Since we are often on location for 10 hours, that can be an issue! We don’t have changing facilities for the cast to put their costumes on either, but thats another story!!!

So my suggestion to the Govt is: either skinny trees should be banned, or perhaps toilets should be planted conveniently in outback locations, on top of mountains and out in the forest………….. Maybe not…… but could they put them on bike tracks?


  1. I’ve got to say, I haven’t had an issue with the lack of “facilities” so far. That said, I don’t have to look at myself while shooting and as I understand it, Handras would scare the crap out of anyone……suddenly it all makes sense.


  2. I have a porta toilet for when we go camping or boating for the kids. I could bring that to locations without amenities. Only one problem, can’t see anyone trotting into the bush carrying a porta toilet in hand not getting any flack from everyone else.


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