Quick update of an exciting nature

The oncology appointment this morning resulted in clear results for cancer. Another huge relief! Now to kill off all the little suckers which are smaller than pea size and don’t show up on the tests. .. if in fact there are any! Chemo should knock them off and the 25 bouts of radiotherapy will knock off the localised areas from 20% risk to 5% risk of spread.

Hooray! I can have chemo tomorrow (!). Thanks to all the prayer warriors out there xx

Given that October is breast cancer awareness month, here’s my quirky new tshirt design…


My breast cancer awareness design for breast cancer month.

My breast cancer awareness design for breast cancer month.

One comment

  1. Great news Jenny and love you quirky T-shirt design.Would love picture design to do with Essendon for my 17 yr old grandson who is a mad Essendon supporter. He has spina bifida and is confined to a wheel chair but still goes to as many games as he can with a carer. Would love to surprise him for his 18th birthday. What sort of price are we looking at?


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