2013 Trip to the UK

Leaving on June the 11th 2013, we plan to explore the UK by car in a leisurely 8 week stroll, typical of us Australians who spend so much time and money getting over there we want to make the most of it.

24+ hours in a plane? ‘Aint nobody got time for dat!’

We are excited to catch up with a friend in London and my cousin in Ireland as well as lot’s of time on our own exploring the castles and remote areas including the islands off Scotland. We’ve booked a thatched roof cottage in ‘Sneem‘ in the Cork country of Ireland on the coast out in the middle of nowhere so that should be interesting!

Here’s the itinerary for anyone following us on our travels:

  • 11th June: Leave for London- Arrive 12th
  • 15th June: Ludlow- England
  • 17th June: Filey- England
  • 21st June: Windermere- England
  • 25th June: Edinburgh- Scotland
  • 28th June: Nairn- Scotland
  • 5th July: Isle of Skye- -Scotland
  • 7th July: Oban -Scotland
  • 9th July: -Glasgow Scotland
  • 10th July: Fly to Dublin
  • 11th July:Waterford- Ireland
  • 13th July: Drimnamore (1.5 k from Sneem) – Ireland (no internet for a week… or shops… are there people there even?)
  • 20th July: Galway- Ireland
  • 21st of July: Drumshanbo- Ireland with my cousin Marisa!
  • 22nd of July: Skerries- Ireland (Dublin)
  • 25th July: Fly to Canary Islands- Spain
  • 1st of August: Fly back to London
  • 3rd of August fly home to Melbourne (arrive home at 5am on the 5th of August)

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