London 2013

London 2 copy

Our flight to London was 26 hours but mostly smooth sailing. Regardless of that, we were so exhausted when we arrived at 6 am that we appeared drugged to all and kept misplacing things and getting lost. The MOTH (man of the house) even read ‘caramelised chickpeas’ on a pkt which really said ‘Cajun chicken’!

Regardless, we managed to make it until 5.30pm before passing out. I’ve got no idea what we did all day but there are photos:) Yesterday we were out on the hop on hop off bus and then the medieval banquet at Katherine Dock which was run by a medieval Asian woman (!). We walked back to the hotel at 11pm so again, exhausted.

Today we are going to the natural history museum and to meet up with a friend we haven’t seen for 25 years. Hopefully our eyes won’t be hanging out of our heads!

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