River Kwai guided tour

Breakfast at 6.15am got us ready for our 2 night tour of Kanchanaburi, The River Kwai and so on with a driver and guide, hired by the 6 of us. Now we are tourists… as opposed to seasoned Thai travellers! Our luggage was reduced by paying the hotel to care for the majority and just taking a small bag each.
Our hired driver, guide and mini bus were the start of luxury far above our rank.  Each time we left the bus to look at something we were offered a cold drink and a cold cloth, sealed in plastic. A trip to a temple, started us off, followed by a stop at the start of the famous railway. I took lots of photos for Dads benefit, of things I cannot identify. Hopefully they were meaningful. The water tank the Japs built to keep the steam trains going was still there and we were allowed into the control room to see all the big thingos (!).
We arrived at the Bridge over the River Kwai, to crowds of people, this being the week of the Kwai bridge festival. The guide asked if we would like to pay extra and go to the sound and light show at night, with dinner included. This only happens once per year so how could we say no?
After feeding a goat on the train platform, we boarded the train to ‘somewhere’, where there is a large tresle bridge. I had been on the train for 5 minutes and got up off my wooden seat and the whole bottom seat crashed to the floor. I managed to land on my feet and didn’t get hurt but evidentially it looked pretty funny.
The mini bus met us at the other end and we had a look at the tresle bridge, a cave where the Japanese sheltered and market stalls.
Our accommodation was far above our rank, with the most gorgeous grounds, enormous pool all set on the River Kwai.
The sound and light show was breathtaking and ear exploding but a magnificant evening and a once a year opportunity.

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  1. Hi Col and Jen, WOW what alot of fun. You certainly seem to be seeing everything off the beaten track. I am enjoying a quiet week off work this week. Having coffee with Gail today at Eastland. Enjoy and Relax see ya when you get back, I am sure your photo’s will be amazing.

    from Steve and Janet


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