An experience with tigers

NOTE: This blog post got lost so it is out of sync and should be before the next post!

Our 2nd day in the Kanchanaburi region saw us visiting the war memorial, railway museum and the war cemetary, then the tiger temple in the afternoon. The war memorials were very sobering and it was good to see the Australian govt interest and support in these areas.
The tiger temple was amazing! After having our photo taken with a tiger, we went into a ‘cage’ to watch them exercise. The cage was waist height… so quite useless really. The tigers were fighting and wrestling close enough for us to touch them. It is certainly an incredible place and highly recommended to people wanting an experience you will never get at home.

The next day our guide took us to the Weary Dunlop memorial park and then on a 3.5k walk to Hellfire Pass. The walk involved a bit of climbing because we passed 4 or 5 sections of the rail track where the tresle bridge was missing. The Aus govt has an information building at Hellfire pass which was lovely to see.
After this we went to Erewyn national park to see the waterfalls. There are 7 tears, climbing 1500 or so metres upward. The falls were spectacular and distracted me from climbing as I wanted to take photos. Mel did a stirling job of climbing right to the top. Considering we were only there an hour, the guide was very surprised that he made it.
After this we left for the LONG journey back to Bangkok. We didn’t arrive until 9pm and I had a fitting with the tailor at 9.30 so we were pretty exhausted. Our next morning began at 5.30am to go to the floating markets. I ate a kit kat and a hot dog for tea, which was the most Aussie food I have had for 3 weeks!

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