Bangkok at last

After being held up at the airport for 5 hours we arrived at Bangkok at 5am Melbourne time. Tired and weary
I am stealing 20 mins wifi and typing on my iPhone so this is a brief update.
Bangkok is a bustling sensory overload! My choice yesterday was to shop with the women or go to the multiple story computer store withe the men. It just goes to show what a nerd I’ve become.
I can’t seem to put photos on here with this iPhone app but be sure that they will come!
Today we are off to Peter (uncle) and eiam’s house in Tha Phom 5 hours drive away. With 8 of us in a 4wd it should be a cozy trip.
Be sure we have enjoyed foot massages tok tok rides and boat cruises food, food and more food.
Watch this space.

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