Getting dizzy for Thailand

This has fast become my travel blog. Prior to 3 years ago it would have been blank!

Our next adventure will be in 2 weeks time (Nov 12th, 2010) when we will group with 6 of my Aunts and Uncles to tour Thailand. One of the lovely things about traveling with the ‘panel of aunts and uncles’, is that they are all very experienced at jetting around the world and have been to Thailand on numerous occasions. One Uncle (Peter) is married to a Thai woman (Eiam) and has a house in Tha phon, where we will stay for a week.
Tha phon is a small village in the middle of Thailand, here:

It will be great to travel with a more local perspective, rather than a tourist one.

Our itinerary has been set several times and now looks like a patchwork quilt with green dots and wish lists competing for space (see example below).

Getting dizzy in Thailand

NOTE: This map was created randomly and exaggerates… a little.

We are looking forward to the ‘figure it out as we go along’ approach, which is a contrast to our previous trips which we organised within an inch of their life!

Surely it will be more of an adventure this way. Watch this space!

Since there are 8 of us traveling in one vehicle, I’ve set Col and I a challenge… to travel with one ‘carry on luggage’ size bag each. I got some tips from my Twitter friend Colin Warren @colwar and from So far so good. I have amazing tricks up my sleeve for expanding luggage for the inevitable shopping (of course)!

There is also a wonderful video on packing one bag by ‘Master packer’.

It’s definitely worth a watch…

Any tips or comments from readers would be welcome…

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