I’ve been Louvred!


Mona Lisa and 'Foo'

We are off to London in the morning on the train from Paris, leaving the hotel at 5.15am…. Zzzzz.

We were ‘Louvred’ today and loved it. Colin is not too good with the camera so my pic with Mona Lisa didn’t work too well;( No wonder she has that smirk on her face!

The sculpture in the pic on the left, is a new variety (created today) by some yobbo from Australia in shorts and thongs. No culture at all that one but still, he made it into the Louvre and that is to be commended.


A sculpted French man

I must say, he identified a French impressionist painting today all by himself. I nearly fainted! Secretly, he has learned a lot about art and artists. You can test him when he gets back!

We were interested to see that the Louvre are taking great care of the Egyptian artifacts. Having been to Egypt and hearing their sadness about their artifacts being taken to other countries, they can be at least re-assured of the care which is taken of them. Between you and me… the Egyptian museum should get some tips off them!! I won’t go there…

It took all day to see all of the museum and we have an early morning


tomorrow so I am off to bed… after tea and red wine… with a little BBC TV.

BOY am I over the BBC news!! The only channel we have had for a month. Zzzzzzz!!

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