The city of love

IMG_1612The TGV from Lyon to Paris was FAST. It flattened out all my wrinkles. Whoot! There is a train from Lyon to Paris every 15 minutes on a Monday morning. They travel at 400kph and are more comfortable than a plane. I suppose that wouldn’t be too hard!

Apart from a 20 minute mix up with the taxi driver (and 15 Euro!!) we arrived at our accommodation in Bolougne, Saint Cloud (pron Saint Cloo) a suburb of Paris. The metro station is about 10 metres from our door. If only we could figure out the system it would be great!! Everytime we (mostly Col) tries to go through the barriers with a ticket, the machine doesn’t work. Col has a way with technology. His face when he was stranded on the other side with a dud ticket was a sight to behold.

The trains are so incredibly regular, we have never waited for more than 3 minutes for a metro train. This also goes for Rome and I suspect London? I will find out about London TOMORROW, as we are going on the ‘under the sea’ train from Paris at 6am in the morning.

IMG_1386Paris is better than I ever imagined. I love the Eiffel tower so much;)  We went to the very top but Col didn’t like the top level too much (being such a brave fireman and all).

One of our visits was to Musee Orsay and the French impressionists. I was surprised that they let you photograph the art work so had my pic taken next to Van Gogh and Whistler! The pic to the left is Col (not Van Gogh).

Pics can be found here

Yesterday we went with ‘Fat tire bike tours’ to Versaille by bike (and a bit of train). NO helmets and on the Paris roads. Yikes! It was hair raising, 30 degrees but wonderful as well. First we stopped at a produce market and bought baguettes, cheeses, wine, quiche etc and packed it into our bags. Riding along with a smalllarge baguette out the top of your bag is SO very French. Then we rode around the vast gardens of Versailles (about 10miles) and had a picnic in the shade on the lovely green grass, overlooking the lake made by King Louis XIV.

Our tour of the Palace lasted 1 hour 45 mins but wasn’t long enough! The tour guide brushed us up on French history and the King Louis and Marie- Antionette stories.

Afterwards we rode home (after 8 hours) and then went out for tea to a French restaurant!

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