IMG_1728We travelled to London on the Paris to London Eurostar train at some awful hour of the morning. You should have seen the aquatic life under the sea from the train window;) We left at 5am, but still managed to drop our baggage off at Nottinghill in London (where we are staying) and go off to Tower Hill for a tour and to Tower bridge, using the metro train system. So far (3 days later) we have not waited for more than 4 minutes to catch a train… and BOY have we caught a lot of trains. Very impressive. The Brits knock their system down continually so it’s no different from home in ‘Connex world’.

IMG_1769Saturday morning we went to the Portabello Rd antique market, which is walking distance from our hotel. We got there early and had a lovely time before the crowds started emerging.

Here is a tip: don’t go to Trafalgar square (or anywhere else in London city) when the gay pride march is on!!! Oh boy. The crowds were unbelievable and so were the sights. No matter. We actually barged our way through the march to get to Big Ben, which took the romance of it all away a little, but we succeeded.

IMG_1797On Sunday we wentt to Hyde Park and got caught in the ‘rap music concert’ crowd. I badly wanted to find some squirrels in the park but they were either hiding… or in the mosh pit at the concert. Colin has seen lots of them because he gets up at 6am and goes walking in Kensington gardens. Hmmm might have to teach him how to take a photo! We also went to see Cristopher Robin and Alice (at Buckingham palace). It was my childhood dream to see the Changing of the guards so we got there 1.5 hours early to get a front row spot. Colin did MUCH eye rolling. It was magnificent and lived up to my expectations… apart from the fact that Chris R wasn’t really there. IMG_1806Unfortunately we were up the wrong end for the fuzzy hat marching but I managed to get some good pics regardless. Lizzy sent her love to all and invited us in for a cuppa but we declined. After all, it’s a bit hard to fit EVERYTHING into our day.

The internet has been ‘difficult’ here and I am not sure if we will have it in Cornwall for the next week but I will keep blogging on Notepad and copy it in when I can.

Tomorrow we are off to Marazian (near Penzance) in Cornwall for 6 nights. Hopefully it will be a little rest for us.

More London pics

Our travel itinerary


  1. I think our fitness is getting close to yours now (that we’ve been on the road for three weeks), amazing what you can end up doing in a day! We’re nearly at the end of our Italy stay and enjoying the sights in Bergamo. The lakes are wonderful and down on the water it’s a bit cooler – although a couple of huge thunderstorms recently. Enjoy the ‘rest’ in Cornwall.


    1. Hi Colin, I think I lost weight in France and Italy… all this clotted cream and Cornish pasties is putting it back on. Not so many stairs to climb either in Cornwall. Can’t wait to here your stories when you get back!


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