Have you ever asked yourself what makes your Mar mott? Neither have I.

marmott collageToday we excelled ourselves and climbed up a huge mountain at the back of our resort. We climbed an altitude of 500m (to 2850m) and back in 4 hours. The views and wild flowers were spectacular.

For the past week we have seen ‘Marmotts’ in the souveneir shop windows. Today we saw 4 of them scampering across the mountain tops. They are the size of a large Jack Russell with quite long hair and bucky teeth like a beaver. One of them scampered away, but then sat in his hole watching us up the hill. I crept up closer to take a photo and he wasn’t fazed at all!

Unlike the ‘real’ mountain hikers we saw on our travels, we had half a bottle of water, no hiking gear, warm weather gear or hats… but we filled our bottle up with melted snow and Col was prepared to go hunting and build a log house if we needed one. Yeah… right.

pics here

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