Riding the Eastlink bike trail at last!

I am working tomorrow (Saturday) and then off to Adelaide to present at the Asia Pacific Blackboard conference for the week so I took today off. Yay!!

After 12 months of no riding at all we finally got to ride the Eastlink bike trail today. We rode from Ringwood to Wellington Rd and back and I have to say….. it was awesome. The trail is fantastic and we ‘flew’ along in the sunshine. We were sitting on 35kph for lot of the way. I was pretty pleased with myself for the pace I kept on my orange rocket.

BUT….. I was like a ‘slug’ on the way back. That was when I realised it was all downhill to Wellington Rd (that explained why I ‘flew’ on the way!) and OF COURSE it was uphill on the way back. Aaaagh. Everything is hurting now(

We had the traditional lunch and a bottle of wine out in the sunshine which was not hard to take. You can see how white my legs are in the pic. I think I have some riding to do to take the glare off them. I don’t know how they got in the photo since I took the photo with my mobile myself!

Many thanks to ‘Spiderflex‘……. the bike seat we bought from Canada for Colin. He is so excited to be back in lycra (!). Chicken legs rides again:)

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