Running over cyclists

A weird thing happened last night……

Last night, Sophie and I were driving into the city to see Edward Scissorhands (the musical!). It was dark and raining and the traffic was awful. Suddenly, Sophie shrieked “There is a cyclist under our car”. Since I was stationary (at the lights) and the traffic was wizzing past me, I couldn’t get out the door. Sophie was dressed up to the 9’s to go to a party afterwards and got out to see if he was ok. I think he thought he had died and gone to heaven when he looked up and saw Sophie in her party gear! He brushed himself down and went on his way un hurt.

THEN….. 200 meteres down the road….. a pedestrian was running around in the traffic (in dark clothes on a dark night in the rain on Alexandra Pde!!) and a car beeped him so he bashed the cars bonnet with his fists. The car then pulled over so the pedestrian ran full pelt, across 4 lanes of traffic without looking once and almost got hit by a car (within a hairs breath). THEN the driver ran after him. Last we saw….. there was a chase happening across the park.


Shannon was only interested in whether our car was damaged by the cyclist and Colin doesn’t know yet. Would you believe I still haven’t checked the car?? There is probably a squashed bike wheel still under there or something.

One comment

  1. Holy crap….I’m glad I wasn’t riding in the city last night 😉
    It must have been something in the air though, as there were quite a few irate drivers trying to run me over last night also…


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