Fathers day

The  last 2 Sundays I have had the great pleasure of taking Dad out to lunch. Firstly for his birthday and today for Fathers day. He is such an awesome person to spend time with and Col and I really enjoy his company.

He hasn’t always been my Dad (long story!) but it has been so long it is all I remember. I have never felt anything other than loved and supported by him. At times, especially in my teens, I am not sure how he did it lol!

His life over the past 13+ years have been tough with Mum gone and he has endured great loss and loneliness.

I just want to say……. thanks heaps for being such a great Dad!

Anyway….. enough mush for now.

One comment

  1. Hear, hear! Yes, you have a great Dad. I like him very much, even though it’s been years since I’ve seen him. Must tell you about my great Dad too. Hee hee. You be as mushy as you like. Ya gotta appreciate and love ’em while their still here.


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