NEWS FLASH: Thelma and Louise freeze at Mt Hotham

Louise (Jennie) and I decided to make the most of starting our Elindil’s Secret film pick up shoots again this weekend. Our first shoot was located at Mt Hotham so we decided to make a weekend of it and stayed in Bright with Colin and Andy instead of going up and back in the same day with the rest of the crew.
We spent our spare time suffering in Bright’s very pleasant eateries, sipping red wine. Sunday morning we looked at the shops in Bright and Louise (Jen) and I (Thelma) purchased some lovely bits and pieces from a gorgeous shop. We are hoping to sneak back there some day. More filming perhaps??
img_1135.jpg Andy & Colin are no longer allowed to return to Bright after shaming us in the supermarket. Jen required CONDOMS to put fake blood in for the scene on Saturday. She sent the boys to the supermarket to buy them AND a roll of paper towel. Andy announced LOUDLY, as he walked into the shop, that he needed ‘ultra thin condoms which explode on impact’. Colin very quickly found an aisle to run to so he could preserve his dignity while Andy very loudly caused quite a stir in the shop. He tried to explain that they needed it for their make-up kit but that didn’t help at all. To top it off, Luke decided they didn’t need to use one after all. At least they were safe.
img_1147.jpgThe filming started Saturday at about midday, by the time the crew arrived and got into their costumes and make-up. The weather in Bright was ‘bright’, so we figured it would be quite pleasant up the mountain. WRONG! It was bitterly cold with an ambient temperature of one degree and a wind chill factor that made it even more chilly.
Some of the filming highlights:
  • Luke asking a male hitch hiker if he was going ‘all the way’
  • An actor sliding down the hill when he was meant to be dead
  • The lovely warm soup and hot dogs in the little dark shed
  • The fake blood which had a mind of its own
  • Getting the fake blood out of the shirt which had to be used again (YAY!!)

Spending the weekend in style, certainly helped to make the weekend fun. Thanks Jen and Andy. Thelma and Louise rock again!

Get another perspective from Louise (Jennie) on this link: Maxfactormama


    1. what a life you lead jen!
      Egypt one day, cleaning fake blood from a shirt on a hill Bright the next.
      Cute T&L photos
      PS. LOL at the condom story.


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