Egypt dvd finished

egypt-dvd-cover.jpgAt last the editing on my DVD of our Egypt tour is finished!
Blake designed a cover for the DVD today which just finishes it off nicely (see pic).
The DVD has still photos, music and voiceovers so it was quite a job to put it together. It is still an amateur result, but I am pretty happy with it. It definitely made buying a Mac worthwhile lol.
Now all I have to do is wait for the re-union to show it to our tour group friends.
We might have another DVD viewing night….. just for friends and family. Tickets are cheap and the seats are comfy (if you get there early enough!).
Belly dancing and eating Arabian bread and homous is optional.

One comment

  1. Hi Guys,

    how are you all traveling ? well we hope. I bet it is starting to cool down, down there in Mexico.

    The Qld crew are all going well. Mel & Phylis have booked a river cruise in Europe next year, Lloyd & Linda are thinking about it also.

    All we seems to be doing is work, but is was great to see getaway last night with a show on Egypt, it rminded us the we actually THERE !.

    We would like to buy a copy of your DVD please if we can. If you could let us know how much & we will send the money (in 50 piastres notes…we have a few left over!)

    take care

    Wayne & Julie Woods


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