Belly dancing rocks!

It seems to be almost impossible to get onto the internet here, with the tour group being scheduled in pretty tight and the last 3 places we stayed at having no internet. Should have bought the laptop doh!

We have done the over night on the train thingo, 3 nights on a boat cruiser (more like a ship!) and 3 nights in a resort in Hurghada. Last night was our last night in Egypt (boo hoo). We celebrated by going to this very unusual place for dinner and watched the floor show, had drawings done of us and I got to hold a lion cub ( I told you it was unusual!!). I was teasing a friend who had got dragged up on the stage by a belly dancer, when next thing I knew I was up there too…..feeling totally idiotic I might add. Someone figured out how to use my video camera so there is evidence that I am a prize clutz. Next dancer came, and she dragged Colin up! We Woods certainly steal the show with our skills at times lol.

We are off to Dubai this afternoon and will fly in on Tuesday. I WAS the only person on the tour (out of 102 people) to miss being sick…….but I am starting to get the dreaded sore throat this morning. Col has had both a cold and the Pharaohs revenge” tummy bug. The thick coating of dust and smog here in Cairo doesn’t help the respiratory system at all.

I will upload some pics on our return. Stay tuned!!

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