A word from us in Egypt


Hi all,
Finally I got to find an internet connection which is working. We are having a ball. Egypt is awesome!!
Staying in the Sofitel hotel at the moment, looking over the Nile and getting treated like royalty. We are going to brave the streets today and check out the shops in Cairo.
If we get across the road in one piece it will be a miracle lol!
So far we have been abducted by a ‘genuine fake’ handbag seller (we were barrackaded in a room!!), and hassled by a camel man who wanted to buy me for ’20 million camels”. Colin was tempted to sell me but wasn’t sure if he could fit them all on our 1/4 acre block.
I have taken lots of video with my new camera. Can’t wait to edit it into a movie. Unfortunately my SD card malfunctioned on my ‘still’ camera after the 4th day. I still don’t know if I can save all the photos of me on the camel …… whos name was Michael Jackson)(!) or of the pyramids and of Dubai. Oh well, these things happen. I think the camel photo was too much for the camera (the camel was laughing so much at the ungainly way I got onto it that it upset the SD card??).
We have each put on about 5 kilograms and are planning to wear Arabian gear from now on to accommodate our stomachs.
Tomorrow we are off on a train to Aswan (overnight) and then on the Nile Cruise ship for 3 nights.
Its a hard life…. but someone has to do it lol.
J đŸ™‚


  1. So good to hear that you are having such a fantastic time!
    I hope Colin told the camel man “20 million camels – he must be dreaming!”
    And I hope you liked Dubai
    Love to you both


  2. Good to hear you are home again safely and full of excitement about your experience.
    We are really looking forward to seeing the pics but more importantly hearing about the adventure.
    Bee opened the Orchid thai restaurant in Maroonda Hwy, Ringwood, yesterday. We went for dinner last night – very nice.
    Lee and Mel


  3. Welcome back Jenny & Colin, great to see your pictures, I really love the one of the two of you holding the pyramid, especially since I took that photo for you. ha! ha!
    Looking foward to getting together, so many wonderful photos and stories to share.

    Love Sharon & Lisa


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