Pics of our trip

We arrived back to the land of the living yesterday. Soooo tired. We slept all yesterday afternoon and all last night. Colin is still asleep lol!!
What a fantastic time we had. We are so used to being ‘organised’ by our tour guides that we can’t remember how to organise ourselves and we are in ‘la la’ land.

It is good to be home but it is also sad to finish our trip which proved to be an awesome experience. Sophie says we stink …….. Cairo had that ‘smelliness’ about it. With 20 Million people in it, it is one chaotic, noisy, smoggy, smelly but exciting place! I cannot even begin to tell you what the traffic is like there!! You wouldn’t believe it.

spinkx.jpg Unfortunately I had an SD card malfunction after taking about 100 pics. I have taken 400 since this on another SD card……… plus lots of HD video. The only option my camera/computer gives me with the malfunctioned disc is to re-format it (which would wipe everything). If anyone has any suggestions to help me I would be really grateful on this one!!

We got to see and do some awesome stuff like:

Riding a camel (me….. not Colin!)

Holding a baby lion (ditto)

Climbing inside a pyramid

Dancing with a belly dancer on the stage pyramid.jpg

Dressing up in Egyptian costume

Lounging around on the beach at the Red sea resort in Hurghada

Travelling overnight from Cairo to Aswan on a sleeper train the size of a dog kennel

Spending 4 nights on the Nile cruiser (4 stories hight)

Shopping in bazaars and souqs (Dubai and Egypt)

Eating so much we both need a drastic diet

But most of all ……. seeing awesome pieces of history you can’t see any other place in the world

egyptian-night.jpgColin caught the dreaded cold early in the piece and then got the tummy bug a week ago (which he still has). I had a cold on the last day which disappeared once I left the smog and smoke. To be honest, not being sick was an oddity for most of the 102 people on the tour!!!

Thanks to the FANTASTIC tour guide (Fadi) of the ‘Habibi’ group/ bus 2 and the organizer from Planet tours, Osama (who did a great job). We made some great friends and had lots of fun. It was a pity there were so many ‘grumblers’ on the trip, but the ‘Habibi’ group were especially talented at going with the flow and having fun, regardless of being out of their comfort zone and the constant changes to itinerary.

Thanks to the Egyptian perfume sold to Colin by a Perfume shop holder. As the stall holder said, he is now ‘like a horse’ and attracting women from everywhere (!). Dream on Col.

I can’t wait for the re-union!





  1. Sounds fantastic (well apart from the sickness). I can’t wait to see ALL the photos and hear all the stories. Very jealous!!!

    But happy to hear you’re home safe and sound.


  2. Glad to hear you have arrived safely home and do hope you have some photos of the belly dancing, to prove you did it. If you don’t everyone will think it was because it didn’t happen, or they were censored!! Happy New Year to you both.


  3. Great to hear you’re back home safe and sound – we’ll have to have a picture/video marathon night!! LOL
    Jen xoxo


  4. Hi Jen and Colin, What an awesome time we had, it was so great to meet you guys. For the benefit of the non believers, Jenny did actually get up on stage with the belly dancer and a damned fine job she did too. Don’t worry it was all captured on video. Catch it on Utube real soon!! As for the re-union….bring it on!!! Take care you guys and we hope to catch up soon! Love to you both, Andrew and Bernie XXX


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