Is this a joke????

We are about to embark on our first overseas trip. Our destination is to Egypt because it is with a tour group (the Police and Firebrigade tour). We would start at Cairo and travel down on the Nile cruise to Luxor and Aswan. Spending time in a resort on the Red sea then back to Cairo. Then we WERE going to Singapore for 4 days afterwards.

I say ‘WERE’, because last night Stephen, from Egypt tours, phoned to say he couldn’t get us any tickets (to anywhere!!!) and would we be prepared to travel ‘business class’. He was happy to split the bill with us but it would still cost $5,000.00 (on top of what we already paid). I could hear Colin’s voice starting to panic……. I am sure you can imagine!!! ‘NO’, he said, ‘we aren’t prepared to go business class!!!’ So Stephen asked if we would be prepared to fly to another country for 4 days before Egypt and then catch up with the group…… like Kuala Lumpar for example. This seemed an ok compromise, we thought. He was worried as he said tickets to everywhere were sold out. We would be attempting to fly out on Jan 2nd.

I have to say……..we are the only ‘Firebrigade’ couple on the tour (out of 120 people) and it seems interesting that he didn’t choose a Police member to phone up with this news!

This morning I was jokingly telling someone that we will probably end up in Iraq or somewhere, yikes, perish the thought.

Next thing you know, Stephen is on the phone…..

(Spoken in a thick Egyptian accent): “Jenny it is your lucky day. You should get a tattslotto ticket. I can’t believe your good fortune. There is someone up there looking after you. I have been trying to find you 2 tickets for 10 days now (why?…….. we paid months ago!!!!!) and I have found you some. You are flying ‘Emerites’, best flight in the world and going to the best place in the world. Everyone want to go there. Best shopping in the world.”

Where are we going? I ask (stupidly). He told me 3 times and I thought perhaps his accent was causing me difficulty. I got off the phone and said to Colin…. “Where is Dubai?”

TAKE A LOOK AT THE MAP!!!!! I just decided that I am writing our will this week. Anyone who thinks they deserve a share in our fortune can let me know lol.



  1. Hey Jen – we could have caught up in Dubai cos we’re going there on the way back from Kenya! Emirates is a great airline – we have flown with them before. Does this mean you are still doing the rest of the tour after Dubai?


  2. I have a couple of friends that have been to Dubai and they came back raving about it. I think it will work out to be a real blessing for you.

    Your whole trip sounds amazing, but I hate to admit that I think I would have paid the extra for business class. Once you’ve gone bc it’s very hard to go back! hehe (no wonder I’m broke!)


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