If You Go Down to the Woods Tonight You’re Sure of a Big Surprise!

Our place must be where the wild things live (both human and beast!)

echidna2.jpgToday this little echidna climbed up 22 stairs to get to our front door. He was so funny going down again because he flipped over down every step. We didn’t offer to help him though! As you can see, he was being photographed from all directions. At least he took the formal approach and came to the front door.

I took this photo (see below) of the little bush wallaby from our family room with my mobile phone while eating my breakfast one morning. There is a downside to having animal visitors though….. we also get lots of snakes!!!




  1. Wow! I find it hard enough to climb your front steps, I’m amazed that this little guy made it all that way! I think it’s very rude of you not to invite him in for tea! lol

    All we get at our place are ducks and water rats (which are living in our walls and ceiling – ugh).


  2. Your ducks are gorgeous Wendy! You can keep the rats though.
    Sophie almost did invite him in. She opened the front door and he started approaching her lol. You can imagine her reaction. Aaaaagh!


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