A day in the big smoke

blakes-house.jpgBlake could be said to be missing home ………. but we wouldn’t say that about a 21 year old would we???? Leaving home can be fun and awful at once. Having left home at 17 myself I remember the mixed feelings well.

Today Col and I went to visit him in his home in Flemington. Considering there are 3 single guys living in it, it is surprisingly nice! They have some quirky decorating ideas but otherwise it looks very homely. Blake puts party poppers on their kitchen doors so that they pop when you open them and cover the poor unsuspecting person with streamers. I am glad I am not cooking in his kitchen or I would be a nervous wreck lol.

Then we took him down to Puckle St Moonee Ponds (nearby) for lunch and he showed us the shops he has been busting to take me to as he assured me I would love them (which I did).

blake-ant.jpgAfter that we went to the museum where we had a great time looking at bugs and into funny mirrors. As you can see by the pics. The pic the left is of Blake in the ant colony and below are of us in the wonky mirrors. Cute hey?

Its so nice to see your son growing into such a nice chap. He is learning all about budgeting (the hard way) and living with others ………. all a part of growing into an adult. I have included some lifestyle tips (below) for you to take note of…..just in case things are getting too tricky for you!

blake-and-jen.jpg blake-mirror.jpg


Life style tips (as explained by Blake)

  1. Place mats on the table look homely
  2. Throw out your ATM card and just go into the bank once per week and take out the money you need
  3. Get up at 5am and ride 30 k before you go to work, its invigorating
  4. Eat a tablespoon of wheatgerm a day. It replaces vegetables (!)
  5. Buy a corned beef at the start of the week. It will last you all week for 2 meals a day.
  6. Ride your bike everywhere, it saves money and time (cuts 40 minutes off the trip to work!)
  7. Allow $3 per item for each grocery, it works out about right within the budget at the end (!)
  8. Be nice to your boss, she is your life line
  9. Don’t use a fan in summer (or an air con) it uses too much power
  10. Don’t take up smoking its hard to give up (!)
  11. Leave your smokes at home during the day so you can’t smoke them
  12. Take advantage of handouts. e.g: The guys in Blake’s house all sent off for free tiger claw slippers. They all wear them at once!
  13. Eat the food sample tastings in the supermarket. It saves on food.

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