Last weekend of filming

This aerial shot of some of the cast and crew (including Blake) gives you a glimpse of how we are all feeling, having spent every weekend filming since the start of July!


At the same time as being pooped, I have some fantastic memories and have made some great friends. It has been a real team effort and sometimes we have been living like a family. Like all families there are always hiccups and an expectation that everyone will pull their weight, but its been my pleasure to work with such great people in a team situation.

This weekend we did some ‘I will kill you’ stuff (in joke!) and lots of jumps onto the crash pads, drownings in the pool and car chases (in the car port on the blue screen). The neighbors must wonder if John and Rachel have weird things going on in their carport. The noises coming from there are pretty strange at times!

blake-blue-screen.jpg blake-and-river.jpg

I fluked these action shots of John jumping off the roof (2 stories) and Cassie practicing her jump off the balcony. Blake did it too but I was too slow with the camera! He was in the car chase (above) complete with people bouncing the car, rocking the car, imitating passing trees and other hilarious special effects.

cassie-jumping.jpg john-jump.jpg

Thanks for the great times everyone. Its something I will always remember……. not to mention all the washing I have to do now lol! Can’t wait to see the Elindil’s secret footage! Watch this space for the big moment!

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