The getting of wisdom?

chubby-cheeks.jpgWhat is it about leaving school that has had such an effect on Sophie?

My kids (and I) have a fantastic health record. I have had no sick days in 10 years (apart from this one!), Shan hasn’t been to the doctors for 7 years, Blake went to hospital 5 years ago to have his appendix removed and that was the last time he saw a doctor. Sophie hadn’t been for about 5 years until she finished school!!

She had her nasty stint in Dec/January in hospital with MRSA (see ‘Sophies yukky nose‘ on this blog). Then today she had all her wisdom teeth out. The xray showed that she had a cyst on her jaw under the tooth but when she was under general anesthetic, they realised the cyst was inside her jawbone (its called a Keratocyst) so they had to remove some bone and remove the cyst from inside. There is an open cavity in there where the cyst was which we have to ‘watch’. (How….. I have no idea lol!). Have you ever tried to watch the inside of your jaw bone? ANYWAY……. the Doctor is worried that since he has exposed the nerve she may have no feeling on one side of her face. Hmmmmm. She is such a complicated girl this one.

She came home with the most swollen face I ever saw (unrecognizable) and bleeding all over the floor leaving a trail like a murder had happened. She is still giving cheek though! She is not able to eat solids for 7 days. Mush mush mush. Poor baby:( She is eating stewed apple right now.

Just as well I have taken tomorrow off as I think she will be pretty miserable once the painkillers wear off. I have to say though, even though she has always been a little drama queen, she is amazingly tough and resilient.

LASTEST UPDATE: (next day) She has the funniest reaction to a GA. Last night she talked non-stop (even though her mouth wouldn’t open for more than a cm). She sounded like the Elephant man…… I won’t comment on how she looked!!

This morning I can’t get her to take any painkillers. Looking at her wounds inside her mouth, she has stitches where all of the teeth were removed but where the jawbone problem is, she has stitches from the back of her teeth almost to her front tooth! Looks real yukky. Unfortunately she has no sensation in her lower face on the left side today so we are hoping that is temporary and not permanent nerve damage. ALSO has huge black bruises coming out over her face. Poor chicken:(


  1. Poor Sophie! It’s a rotten thing to have done, let alone the complications! I remember Row’s face was so swollen she was like Mr Potato Head! Give her our love – hope she gets a good sleep tonight.
    Jen xo


  2. Oh dear,
    Sophie honey you need to take out some hospital insurance!!!!!!! I hope your ok, and getting better by the minute.
    We all send our love and prayers.
    Neil,Ruth and gang.


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