Downtime at the movie set


There is a lot of ‘down time’ when you are on a movie shoot, and the Elindils secret days are no different. In the pic above you can see:

1. Warran checking out the back of his eye lids on a blue screen day

2. David and Mark keeping out of the rain at the Grampians

3. Grant doing a Lizard impersonation at Bega

4. David putting clothing on a baby doll (!!!)

5. Mark, asleep on top of a ladder (I swear…. he really was asleep)!!!

As you can see, we resort to some pretty strange lengths to relieve the boredom.

I usually make lunch and mind babies, with the odd continuity fill in stunts. Other than that I wait until there is an actor who needs a costume change. It can be very Zzzzzzz!

Last weekend Rachel was sick so I set up the lunch on my own (Leanne made some scrumptious burgers) and yesterday it was chicken rolls (as a change from the usual Ham ones). Doing the ‘hospitality’ thing with Rachel has been great as I have got to know her and love minding her baby girl too. THANKS Rachel, you are amazing having us all there with your 3 pre-schoolers etc.

One more weekend to go Woo Hoo!

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