blog-1.jpgOn Cup day, Colin and I continued our ‘visiting’ spree and went to see Dads brother, Ron and his wife Con. We took Dad with us too (Ron is on the left and Dad is on the right). Ron and Con live in the most awesome place, on the beach front at Aspendale. What a place to live!!!! I have such fond memories of visiting them over the years. Getting burnt to a crisp on the beach, Cons cooking and the concert we put on for them at the end of the day…….. which they watched attentively regardless of the talent or lack thereof!

Ron is having a struggle with cancer at the moment and it is very hard to see him so unwell. He is 85 but like Con (who is 84), a very active person. Con is REALLY remarkable in that she just won the Kingston Citizen of the year award and Kingston Senior Citizen of the year award and that she just stopped working full time in a Womens refuge last year!blog-2a.jpg

While we were there she ‘whipped’ up batches of scones and ran around like she always does, being the perfect hostess.

We really love their company and have had some great laughs and memories with them over the years.  Its terrific that people like Ron and Con can bridge that ‘generation’ gap.

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