Visiting day

grandma.jpgSince I have lost contact with so many people while filming the movie, I decided that today and Tuesday would be visiting days. I popped in on Dad this morning and then Colin and I went to visit my Gran in Eltham.

You may wonder how an oldie like me could still have a Gran……. amazing huh? She is 92 and still as sharp as a tack. The only thing she says which may be considered a little odd is: Ooooh you’ve grown Jen! This is very typical of her cute sense of humour!

She is amazing at asking probing questions to keep the conversation going. I really admire her ability to do that. She can’t understand why we would want to come and see her but she really is a lovely lady, although today she had a nasty headache and had been confined to bed for the morning. She still loves a good game of Scrabble and shows an interest in current affairs etc (better than bingo and sing-a-longs evidentially!).

There is a reason why I have half a face…………. C took the photo!!

Everyone else we visited today was either not home or they hid when they saw us coming lol!

One comment

  1. Wow Jenny, can you see how much you look like Grandma Gangell? It’s amazing!
    She looks fantastic for 92. I’m happy to see that she is still enjoying her life and doing well.

    You are looking great too (well half of you is – lol)


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