You call that work?



For the past 2 days I have been at Geelong at the Converge conference, which is pretty much all E-learning workshops. All of the Flexible learning team from Swinburne went, apart from Richard who was left to hold the fort. Apparently the conference was called ‘work’ but I felt like a kid in a lolly shop.

These photos, were taken ‘after hours’ and were taken in the hope of capturing the size of the goldfish bowl sized wine glasses we had to keep filling.

They are a great lot to work with and I enjoyed the ‘bonding’ part…….. including trying to get Deb up for breakfast both mornings and sharing her toothbrush. There were many unmentionable moments….. if I value my job I will keep my mouth shut (for once).

Greg and Paul bunked down in the ‘dog box’, while us women stayed in the luxury we deserve. We exaggerated it considerably, just to make them feel even worse. According to us………… we had our own masseur , a spa etc etc

Greg and I did a presentation which ‘he allowed me to speak’ for all of 30 seconds of the allocated time. He is very kind 🙂 I re-payed him by getting him totally lost on the way home (to my own house!).

There is no Elindils secret filming on the weekend. It’s the first weekend I have had home since the 1st week in July!! Colin wants to go party and I want to blob around the house. I wonder who will win?

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