Making the most of time

I managed to catch up with Dad yesterday which was terrific. Since the filming was 5 minutes walk from Mc Donalds, I met him for a quick cappuccino during the day. It was good to catch up with and nag him about his health. He probably wished he had never come lol!


These pics are from the weekend before, but now that we are doing all ‘blue screen’ filming its all starting to blur into one big filming exercise!

My duties during the filming this week were:

  • Baby sitting
  • Making lunch
  • Cleaning up after lunch
  • Making sure costumes were put on correctly and put away afterwards
  • Washing the smelly costumes
  • Putting dirt, vaseline and cobwebs (!) into Daniels beard both days
  • Putting ‘mud’ on Daniels legs
  • Doing the continuity sheets for 3 hours on Saturday
  • Sitting in the peanut gallery giving unwanted advice
  • Telling actors to put their hoods on, hide their undies, adjust their robes etc
  • Annoying David H in the mornings when he is extremely grumpy (always)

As you can see, being annoying is probably my best trait. If I didn’t do that, there would be nothing for anyone to complain about (!).

Thanks Rachel for your hospitality. It really is a big ask of you especially having 3 pre-schoolers as well as our troup.

Jen S has a much more informative blog, if you want to know what REALLY went on!

Yay. No filming next week (not that I don’t LOVE it he he).

I am off to Geelong with work Wednesday to Friday, presenting at a conference. Better go get the presentation ready……..

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