Behind the scenes!

blog-pic-movie.jpgLast weekend while I was away in Perth, Sophie did a terrific job of replacing me as Wardrobe person in the movie shooting session for Elindil’s Secret.

Blake had his part to play as well and you can see him here having the makeup applied. Beautiful hey? I haven’t seen him for 2 weeks so its nice that David sent me some pics of him so I can remember what he looks like! I especially like the hairclips because I can see his cute face.

Sophie got roped in to be the ‘clapper girl’. She thought it was hilarious and got very confused. After starting the day at 7am in Lilydale, she was very un-Australian and went home and slept through the Grand final she was so exhausted!

Next weekend we are going to Trentham falls and Werribee (early start tomorrow). It sounds like quite a dangerous spot and we are using a crane so that the camera operators can shoot across the falls. The crew have to be harnessed  (or something) so that will be pretty cool!

Sophie has retired now as a clapper girl but Blake is coming along as a Production Assistant.

Stay tuned for more adventures!!


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