It seems like yesterday



Well actually it WAS only yesterday that we were still in WA. We flew in at midnight last night, got home at 1am (Shannon picked us up and we got lost!!!), then I got up and went to work this morning ……… yawn!!


We had a fantastic time and had a much needed rest (well some of us did……. Colin doesn’t know HOW to rest!!).

We spent a week with Pat and Roy (in the rain) at Mandurah. Pat and Roy are great friends and we enjoy their company and relaxed and easy going natures. There is a 2 hour time difference in WA so we were all falling asleep at 8pm the first few nights. It was like a holiday for the geriatric unit at times!!

After they left, Col & I had 4 days on our own in the Swan Valley Novatel resort sipping wines at wineries and eating Chocolate at the chocolate factory.

How lucky am I?



On Monday Colin and I went to the Perth show. For 28 years, I have been trying to convince him he needs to win me a stuffed toy. At last it happened!!! He won me this dog at the show carnival (his name is Skip). It took great skill and bravery on Colin’s part to win the prize. Then, I had to squash Skip onto a train and get him home on the plane (anyone ever tried to take a large stuffed animal on a plane…. or even a packed out train??) but it was all worth it!

I have no idea what to do with him now but that isn’t the point (Marley has some good ideas but I don’t trust him one bit) .


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