Don’t go chasing waterfalls!


Yesterday we did some awesome filming at Trentham falls. We used a crane with the camera attached on the end of it to take amazing footage down the waterfall and across the landscape while the cast were acting out their parts.The actual crane we used ‘on loan’, was also used in the Grandfinal and many other programs (like Deal or no deal). It cost $95,000.00!!

Jenny Strempel has written a terrific account on her blog (if you are interested). No point me repeating it all when she has captured the day so well!

At one stage the camera was filming from the top of the waterfall at the cast down the bottom. Blake had the task of taking cast down into the bottom of the waterfall where it was quite dangerous, and relaying messages to the cast via the radio. The cast couldn’t hear him over the roar of the waterfall and yet if he got close enough for them to hear him, he ended up in frame of the camera shot! He said it was pretty tricky and there was a lot of frustration with this (for Luke too!!). He ended up doing a lot of hand actions and miming which he made up on the spot.

Over all it seemed a successful day. Watching how Luke mastered the operation of controlling the camera by remote, directing the cast and directing the crane operator all at once was really impressive.

Who says men can’t chew gum and walk at the same time????

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