The weather in Perth

Well, just to update you, the weather in Perth is cold and wet!!!!

We went away with Pat and Roy to Coffs Harbour once before and it rained so much it flooded. The locals were kyaking on the footy oval!! We thought we couldn’t go wrong coming to Perth with them but its raining cats and Freemantle dogs here.

Well they go home Friday and we stay on for another 4 days. The weather is expected to be sunny and warm from Friday onwards. Watch out everyone, they return to Melbourne on Friday and you can expect heavy rain for sure. They should hire themselves out as rainmakersI think.

We ARE having fun though. Colin has ants in his pants but that’s nothing new is it?


  1. sorry to hear about the weather Jen – we had brilliant sunshine in Port Macquarie – maybe you should come with us next time?LOL!


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