Does my bum look big when it’s wet?

wet-bum.jpgDon’t answer that! According to Grant (crew member) they needed a wide angle lens to take these pics!

Last weekend the Elindil’s secret crew drove to Bega for a special shoot at a waterfall/rock pool. Some of the cast very bravely jumped from an 8 metre high rock into freezing cold water.

I did my own stunt and slipped and landed on my bum right at the top of a natural water slide. Everytime I tried to get up I slid dangerously close to going down the slide and into a deep pool of water. Most people were very helpful and offered to take my photo!!

Jennie, the makeup person, and I were branded ‘Thelma and Louise’ for the weekend and since Louise ALSO slid down a rock bank, we played our part well!!

We looked for Brad Pitt all weekend but we still haven’t found him.

After driving with ‘Louise’ for a 7 hour trip in our ‘party car’ on Saturday and back again yesterday for an 8 hour trip, we certainly got to know each other a lot better. Our convoy of 4 silver cars got up to lots of antics, especially with the 2 way radios. Thelma and Louise gave a wonderful rendition of ‘We will rock you’ over the radio for the rest of the crew to enjoy.

Whew, it was tiring  (esp since I had to start my new job today) but a fantastic weekend……………….. wet backside and all!


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