Don’t even ask!


For the course I am doing at Swinburne, my student mates (who are also my collegues) and I decided to do a little movie for one of our assessment tasks today.

Now forgive me for bragging, but we did each scene in one shot and wrapped it all up in 3 hours. What is wrong with Luke??? (Director of Elindil’s Secret). It didn’t seem too hard to me. Maybe I could give Luke some tips.

Talk about multi task………….I was playing the part of a heavily pregnant student, filming and editing (not to mention costumes and makeup too!!). I am going to put this photo into the credits of the movie. The baby faces are of 2 of my collegues/study buddies. I am sorry guys, but you make very ugly babies!!! Well it was pretty hilarious and I don’t know how we kept our composure sometimes. I hope the teachers appreciate it!


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